March 18, 2022
Slide Viewer

Slide Viewer is an integrated set of artificial intelligence tools for visualizing and interpreting high-dimensional medical images. The software incorporates an image viewer implemented using  OpenSeadragon.

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March 27, 2022
Selecting Training Samples for Ovarian Cancer Classification via a Semi-supervised Clustering Approach

Machine learning techniques have shown great promise in digital pathology. However, a major bottleneck is the difficulty of annotating necessary amount of tissue to deal with several variability factors, namely chemical fixation, sample slicing, or staining...

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Nov. 17, 2021
A supervised subtype differentiation learning for building invariant features of non-small cell lung cancer in a latent space of a Variational Autoencoder

This work presents a supervised subtype differentiation learning of lung cancer features in a latent space constructed with a variational autoencoder. In such space, complicated patterns are ...

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Universidad de los Llanos Universidad Nacional de Colombia Hospital Departamental del Meta